Pizza is widely believed to have Italian roots, but the Pizza that we know and love nowadays have really gone far from how they used to be. Indeed it can be said that pizza has evolved and made itself the popular dish that it is today because of this. One restaurant that really specializes in Pizza is no other than https: //lø, the site of which allows you to get a slice, or even a whole pizza as a takeaway. With that said, what exactly are the things that make a good pizza? Let’s find out below.

    Choosing of the Flour

    There will definitely be no Pizza if you don’t have any flour. It’s the primary ingredient for pizza dough, and hence the quality will have a great effect on the final result. All-purpose flour is fine, but it will be better if you make use of a high-protein bread flour, as this makes for a better hole structure as well as a crumb that’s more chewy, that is, if you do like having a chewy crumb. The type of pizza, whether it be Neapolitan-style, or New York style, will greatly depend on the pizza dough that you use.

    The Toppings Matter

    The possibilities for toppings are virtually endless. As a matter of fact, some people have ventured beyond the savory, and some have ventured on having sweet foods like berries and chocolate as the topping. Limit the toppings to just two or three, although if you want more, there really is nothing wrong with it. If you are doing pizza for business, however, it’s a wise decision to limit the amount of toppings to just three or four, just to make sure that the flavors don’t necessarily clash, nor do you end up spending too much on a single order.

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