Obesity is becoming a widespread matter of concern for people from across the world. On an average, among the ten people you talk to in a seven might be suffering from this. Obesity is not a major disease, but it is an issue which needs attention, if left uncared, it may eventually lead to grave health issues.  Given to the current lifestyle, where the lives are either absolutely stagnant or extremely hectic, there is nil time left to contribute to proper exercise, juggling between work and office, home and family, from early morning to late night working hours, there is no time to spare where you can hit the gym or just exercise a while which will help cut your extra fat and keep you in shape. In addition to this, our food habit, mostly of fast food, junk food, oily food contributes majorly to this.

    Things you need to know about the keto diet

    Yet, acting as a saviour for all those who desire to cut out on the fat without much effort, here is a solution. Keto diet is the solution for them. It is the simplest way that will work to help cut off your fat without changing your lifestyle a tad, but by only altering your diet plan. Just instead of following the ideal balanced diet follow a diet which is rich in fat and has minimal carbohydrate intake. This helps in degradation and utilisation of the fats deposited in the body for its metabolism and energy as it is the substitute of the sugar and carbohydrate which act as a fuel for the basic needs. Of this reaction, ketose, a chemical compound is formed, from this it gets the name, keto diet. This helps in cutting out excess fat and getting rid of obesity. Here are details on how to begin with your keto diet for the best results. To know about the keto diet in detail you may read up the data on ketosumo site.

    The primary things you need to keep in mind

    • Plan a diet which constitutes 80-82% fats, 15-20% proteins and only 2-5% carbohydrates. This is the ideal keto diet plan. With such a deficit in carbohydrate, the body is bound to shift to fat utilisation for its metabolism, thus resulting in the utilising the fats.
    • Make sure to limit your protein intake too. When there is a dearth of carbohydrate in the diet, excess protein present in the food will convert to sugar and fail the purpose. Therefore along with the cut in carbohydrate, proteins need to be limited too. A major ingredient in your diet must be of fat.
    • There must a good intake of water. This is necessary, as the glycogen produced in the body stores water but since the body has less glycogen due to ketogenesis, dehydrate a may occur.
    • Eat foods which have a very low amount of carbohydrates. For all the non-vegatarians, may have eggs, chicken, pork, meat, fatty fish, plus all the vegan foods, whereas the vegans have the option of fat dairy comprising of yoghurt, cheese, butter, ghee, cream. In addition to all these, peanut butter, avocado, coconut oil, coconut butter, vegetables less in starch.

    • Avoid having aerated beverages, bread, pasta, alcoholic beverages or anything that contributes to the addition of carbohydrates.
    • For better results, do not minus the exercise. It is an intrinsic part of any diet plan you play. It gives a better and faster result.
    • Eat only when you are hungry and don’t go by the usual way of eating in short intervals multiple times a day.

    It has many more benefits too apart from losing on obesity. It has an amazing quality to help reduce blood sugar levels and in some cases even reverses the condition all together as it cuts on the glycogen level. The brain activity and its responses are increased remarkably with this diet.

    As there is an increase in the demand for keto diet as more and more people are going ahead with it and appreciating its benefits, many restaurants are putting up with this trend. They are preparing the keto menu with all recipes exclusive of keto foods. To know about this in detail, you need to check the ketosumo site.


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