Alluring palm trees, sunny beaches, the summer heat, and the historical buildings, almost white in the sun, make Tunisia the epitome of an exotic vacation. When wandering through the city, visitors are deeply impressed with the crafts displayed in the open markets. Tunisia is famous for its rugs, sold in souks (similar to bazaars), that come under many variations, with colorful and geometrical patterns.

    One of the most impressive things about Tunisia is its millenniums-old civilization. The Phoenician town named Carthage became the center of the Carthaginian Empire; the city holds historical proof of its glorious past. Many other Tunisian buildings speak of past events. Islamic art meets European culture in fascinating combinations. Mosques, Christian churches, iron ornaments, mosaics and the various influences of European schools of Art cohabit in the artistic universe of Tunisians.

    As for having fun, beach parties or hotel resorts can be enjoyed during the night. If you want to get rid of harassers, don’t ignore them, just say you don’t want to talk and they’ll leave. Another way of enjoying the best of Tunisia is going to festivals. Many events are cause for celebration: sports, music, Christianity, Islam and as you might have guessed until now, crafts. Tunisia has a history of storytelling. Many legends are passed on from generation to generation and people use stories and proverbs to prove a point. In the past, puppeteers would illustrate these myths; the tradition carries on in some places.

    Tunisians always appreciate a good company. They like meeting new people and are generally friendly. Don’t be scared if they ask too many questions or if a meeting takes longer than expected. They are interested in knowing the persons around them and once you’re on their good side, you can expect some perks. Nepotism has an undisturbed existence in Tunisia; since trust matters the most, rather than the results of standardized tests, having a family member or a friend in the business appears to them as a natural decision.


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