Birthdays are always special, and most of us will do at least something special for our loved one’s birthday. Most of us will think of cakes, party hats, and balloons when thinking about it. We always feel thankful that another year is added to our age. A year of accomplishments and hardships, yet we faced it all and went through it. And birthday for some is like a victory party for another year well done.

    Of course, in a relationship, birthdays are among the top of the list (almost next to anniversaries) when it comes to special days. Couples will mostly give something for their partner during their partner’s birthday. May it be grand or simple, what’s important is the thought behind it, that we feel lucky that such a wonderful person existed to complete our lives.

    So, your boyfriend’s birthday will be in a week. What birthday present will you give to him? It may be an overwhelming task for some. And especially if your boyfriend has a lot of likes, or have nothing in mind. (The kind of person who will accept anything you will give). Your goal here is to have something that is undoubtedly “special” and memorable, that your friends will even say “leuk verjaardagscadeau vriend!

    Make Them Feel Special

    Yep, you read it right, that is the primary goal of your gift. And that is to make them feel special during their special day. It doesn’t matter if it is the most complex and luxurious gift money can buy. Or a plain and simple thing that you did. What’s important is that your gift will symbolize your appreciation and love for him, and of course, that is your primary goal when choosing, or making a gift for him.

    What To Give To Him

    This is the most common question women always ask when it comes to the kind of gift that they can give to their boyfriend. Of course, the first thing you may think is a surprise party. Yes, it is one of the most common gifts that you can give to your boyfriend. Surely, he will appreciate the effort that you have put into it, making his special day more memorable.

    If you are thinking about a particular thing to give, then first consider what does your boyfriend likes, or his hobbies. If he is into sports, then a sports jersey of his favorite player will be a good start. What if he is into cars? Then a simple personalized key chain or a useful tool kit will work wonders. What’s important is that the gift you give is something useful for them and is in-line with their hobbies or likes.

    For others who can’t choose what to present to give, why don’t you get a day off on your boyfriend’s birthday? And spend the whole 24 hours with him? It may not seem much, but your boyfriend will appreciate that moment together with you on his birthday. 


    Birthdays are among the most special days of the year for everyone, and to make it extra-special, you need to add your signature style to the gift you will give especially to your boyfriend. All you want is his happiness after all.

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