Destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular. While they have many of the same elements of a traditional wedding, there are also some unique features to them that allow the couple to do things that they otherwise may not have been able to do. Destination weddings can be anything the couple wants from a simple ceremony to a week-long getaway adventure to a traditional wedding. Here are some ideas for destination weddings.

    Submarine Nuptials

    Get married underwater in a submarine. You will be underwater but will not get wet, so your guests will not have to worry about taking scuba lessons in order to see you say “I do” and kiss. You will not be able to have many people at the ceremony (most submarines only hold 5-15 people); however, if you love the water or the ocean this can be a really cool way for you to celebrate your big day.

    Make It an Extended Wedding Weekend

    Most people who travel for a destination wedding make the trip into a vacation. Make the wedding an extended weekend wedding. Have a party with everyone, a brunch the morning of the wedding or the day after the wedding, a planned activity for guests, a bachelor/bachelorette party or a bridal shower during this time. Get your guests involved, and give them an itinerary of things they can do while there for the wedding.

    Welcome Gift Bags for Guests

    Leave a welcome gift bag for all your guests filled with things they may have forgotten to pack such as lotion, sunblock, toiletries, snacks and so on. You can also include brochures for local attractions, maps of the area and items from the local culture. If it is a beach wedding, you might consider items like beach towels, hats or flip-flops.

    Create A Who’s Who Guide

    Put together a guide of everyone attending the wedding so others can figure out who is who. This is especially helpful for those with families all over the country or world who may have never met prior to this event. Include photos of each person as well as their relationship to the bride and groom. This will help everyone communicate better and feel more comfortable with the rest of the guests.

    Involve the Local Community and Customs

    Host a party at a local restaurant, or invite your guests to a planned activity at a local venue such as an amusement park or zoo. Another idea is to take everyone on a tour of some sort. This enables your guests to see the beauty of the place you have chosen.


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