Destination weddings can make for a lifelong memorable experience. Not only is the couple at a far way locale with loved ones, but the fact that everyone has traveled to the destination for this celebration really makes for a special vacation. Here’s a few pointers to help choose the right destination wedding spot.


    Hawaii is a beautiful spot for an outdoor wedding. The most popular choice is get married on the beach. Couples also have the option of getting married inland, with the mountains serving as a backdrop.

    If an indoor wedding is preferred, there are several hotels and resorts on Oahu that lend themselves to indoor weddings. The Hyatt Regency Waikiki resort and Spa is known for its personalized service. Brides can get ready for the big event at the spa, while grooms might want to take surfing lessons offered by the resort. For American travelers, getting married in Hawaii can be especially comfortable, since no passports or foreign legal documents are needed.


    Couples who know that they want a beach wedding have many options on the Caribbean Island of Antigua. This spot is famous for its beaches — there are 365 of them. Whether couples want a more public beach wedding or a private wedding on a secluded beach, Antigua is very accommodating.

    A more elevated location with the ocean as a backdrop is the Cocoabay Resort. This resort is known for having some of the best views of the ocean on Antigua. Cocoabay also lends itself well as a honeymoon destination. Couples can enjoy privacy in one of the pastel cottages of this resort.

    Montego Bay

    Montego Bay is the second largest city in Jamaica, and one of its most popular locations. Montego Bay is the ideal place for a couple that wants a luxurious outdoor wedding, complete with views of the rainforests that surround the entire island of Jamaica.

    For those couples who would prefer to wed indoors, one option is the Coyaba Beach Resort. This is a family owned and operated resort, giving its 50 rooms and an air of intimacy. Because of its relatively small size, Coyaba Beach Resort also has an old world feel of elegance. However, there is also excitement to be had here, since the resort offers an array of water sports, a gym and tennis.


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