Can a yeast infection cause a craving for sweets? Believe it or not the answer is yes. That doesn’t necessarily mean that if you have a sweet tooth that you have a yeast infection. But if you think you might have a yeast infection and you seem to be craving sweets more than usual, the two may be connected.

    Sugar is one of the food s that yeast thrives on. If you have a yeast infection then the nasty yeast bacteria have upset the usual balance of things in your digestive system. They are trying to grow and multiply and they can do that really quickly by feasting on sugar that you eat. In order for them to get the sugar they want, they need you to eat it. So the answer to the question can a yeast infection cause a craving for sweets is yes.

    You want to be aware that this is happening when you have a yeast infection so you can be sure to try and avoid the urge to splurge. And if you don’t have a yeast infection, avoiding a diet high in sugars, starches and other refined foods is a good first defense against getting one. Anytime you ingest this type of food you are possibly giving the bad yeast bacteria a chance to gain a foothold in your system and start to take over.

    This simple fact that you can have a yeast infection cause a sugar craving is one reason why a natural remedy for yeast infections that gets right into your bloodstream is more effective than a cream that you apply topically. With something at your fingertips that starts to counteract symptoms such as sugar cravings, you can start to alleviate this type of symptom a lot sooner. Click here to learn more about a natural remedy that can get to work quickly to stop your yeast infection fast and prevent you from having a yeast infection cause you to eat too many sweets.


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