Are you having problem with your computer? Is it logging or responding slowly? Or some of your files are corrupted and gone missing, hidden or obstructed? Maybe because your computer has a virus.

    What is a Virus?

    According to Merriam Webster Dictionary a virus or a “computer virus” is a computer program that is usually hidden within another seemingly innocuous program and that produces copies of itself and inserts them into other programs and usually performs a malicious action like destroying data. In other words, “harmful programs.”

    How it is obtain?

    Base on my knowledge, viruses can be obtained through accessing some websites in the internet. Those websites that have malicious intentions. It is also possible to have it through download of unknown programs or software. It can also be passed through another computer or external sources like flash drives or hard drives that had been infected already.

    It is quiet scary to have virus in your computer, because of the harm it may done in your pc software. But no worries because there are remedies to your problem in case your computers got a virus. You can surf the web for more details or info.

    Software Online

    Several software online had been available. Some of them are antivirus software. So cheer-up because there’s a solution to your problem. Below are the software’s you can choose, that could help you clean those viruses. Get rid of it and make your pc run smoothly again.

    The Leading Antivirus Software Online

    1. Kaspersky Lab
    2. Bitdefender
    3. Symantec (Norton)
    4. Trend Micro
    5. Avast
    6. McAfee

    Although above are a few of the choices, you can also choose another software in the internet. It is important to install one of the antivirus software to prevent viruses from entering your computer. There’s a saying that goes “prevention is better than cure.” So it’s better to install one now..

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