Summers are around the corner and you really want your hair to be trimmed to combat this scorching heat. This can be achieved by using the best cordless hair trimmer that helps in easily trimming the extra hair very efficiently. Heating is used for making new sleek hairstyles for both men and women. However, there are many hairstyles that can be achieved without using heat. Applying heat on hair tend to cause damage to it and ultimately leading to hair loss.  This can produce various hairstyles for your hair for a few hours but it causes irreversible damage to hair and its follicles.

    Different hairstyles with no-heat

    Many hairstyles can be made to men’s hair with the best cordless hair trimmer and with no heat. Following are the few among the best hairstyles for men.

    • Spikes:

    The spikes for men are great as it provides the sudden stylish and sleek design to them. It requires no heat to set them as the only needed property is trimmer. The trimming is done at various levels of hair to make it look like sharp spikes.

    • Faded combing:

    The combing is done to one side of the head and trimmed on the other side with the help of best cordless hair trimmer. It is one of the most popular and trending hairstyles for men. It looks cool on men and teen boys as it looks stylish with their outfits.

    • Crop and blunt fringe:

    This is cool hairstyle for boys and it can be done in simple steps. The crop is made at the front and the small fringe look is created as overall. This crop and blunt fringe require only a hair trimmer and no need to use any heating device. There are many styling which is done by using heat which damages the hair at a very small age.

    • Curly hair:

    The curls are also done only with the help of heating devices. But there are many other techniques like rolls for men in order to achieve the curly hair. Unlike women, the hairs of the men are trimmed using best cordless hair trimmer and then a section of the hair is left untrimmed or trimmed slightly larger to trimmed hair. This section of the hair is curled using no-heat devices.

    • Wavy fringe:

    This is the modern and stylish look every boy and craves for special occasions. The fringes are trimmed using the wireless trimmer and these are made wavy-like fringe which looks fabulous on most men. The waves are tending to be good on only women unless these hairstyles for men are introduced.

    • Faux Hawk:

    The faux hawk is a special type of hairstyle that looks like a Mohican haircut but the hairs on the sides are not shaved. These are trimmed using high-quality trimmers. The section in the middle is large and is styled using the no-heat device.

    These are some of the major hairstyles for men that are done using best cordless hair trimmer with no heating device.

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